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Top things to do in Morocco  

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Cultural things & etiquette

  • Alcohol is permitted in Morocco but is disapproved in public places. You can buy it in restaurants, shops, liquor stores, supermarkets and clubs. Driving under the influence is illegal and even one beer counts.

  • Both sexes should dress to cover their shoulders. Outside the cities, where people are more conservative, above-the-knees shorts may be seen as inappropriate.

  • The left hand is considered unclean as it's used for toilet duties. Don't handle food with your left hand, particularly if eating from a communal dish such as a tajine.

  • Yes, you are expected to tip anywhere: in a cafe, in a museum, in a hotel. Normally it’s around 2-3 Dirhams in cafes and 10% of your bill in restaurants. But in taxis, you’re not expected to tip, although many people do and the drivers will gladly accept your tip. 

Travel Costs

Food costs: Food in Morocco is pretty cheap especially if you eat at the markets. A tagine which is a must try costs around 35MAD (£3), sandwiches and pizzas cost around 30-50MAD (£3-4) and expensive meals out can cost 100-200MAD (£8-16). A pot of mint tea costs around 8-10MAD (60-80p) and you’ll find it’s cheaper to eat out at the market than to buy groceries.

Activity costs: The best way to get around Morocco is to join a guided tour that is led by a local. A full day tour costs about 900 MAD (£72), while a half day will be about 500 MAD (£40). A visit to the local hammam for a soak and spa treatment can cost as little as 10 MAD (80p) or as much as 500 MAD (£40).

Accomodation costs: On a backpacker’s budget you’ll pay 400-600 MAD (£32-48) per day. On a mid-range budget of about 1,145-1,240 MAD (£91-99) per day, you can stay in a budget hotel, eat out anywhere you want, take private tours and private transportation to and from the cities if you want! For a luxury budget of 3,435+ MAD (£272) per day, you’ll be able to stay in any hotel you want (or fancy riad), eat at all the fancy restaurants in the country, fly between destinations, and take any private tour you want!