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Culture & Etiquette

Travel Costs

Food costs: Food in Canada can vary in expense but can be reasonable if you stick to eating in pubs or cooking for yourself. Cheap cafes and fast food will cost you around $13-20 CAD (£8-12). Cooking for yourself can cost between $50-75 CAD (£28-43) per week. Eating out in restaurants will cost you between $20-50 CAD (£12-28).

Activity costs: There is no shortage of things to do in Canada. If you’re interested in outdoor activities then you are looking at $20 CAD (£12) to $100 CAD (£60) depending on what you are doing and if you need a guide to do it. Museum and historic site entrance fees start around $15 CAD (£10).

Accomodation costs: Accomodation costs can vary a lot in Canada depending on what city you are staying and what type of accomodation you are looking for. On average a hostel dorm room costs around $30 CAD (£17) and a cheap hotel room can cost around $65 CAD (£37). Airbnb is available and what I recommend over a hotel. Camping in Canada can cost anywhere between $10-40 CAD (£6-20).

Getting around

  • Public transport: Every city has great transport links that run in all weathers. Toronto and Montreal are the only two cities in Canada with subway systems (although Vancouver has SkyTrain) and it costs around $2.50-3 CAD (£) for a one way ticket.

  • Taxis: Taxis are metered but they’re not cheap, starting around $3.50 CAD (£) and then an additional $1.75 CAD (£) per kilometer. Uber is available in a handful of Canadian cities, like Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, and Quebec City.