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Traveling with Jewellery

If I had to pick one type of accessory to wear forever then it would be jewellery. It's the only thing I consistently wear everyday and I think it's an easy and creative way to express yourself. My jewellery collection consists of necklaces, rings and bracelets that I have brought from around the world and they usually express my love of nature and travel - therefore why wouldn't I take them travelling with me? 

I've developed lots of ways to travel with and protect my jewellery along the way and so I thought I would share them with you. 


Protecting it

There are a few ways in which you can protect your jewellery from theft and damage whilst travelling:

1. Insure it! You can get insurance for your jewellery the same way you can get insurance for your car or your mobile. Alternatively, jewellery can also be insured under certain travel insurance. Make sure to ask your provider or shop around for someone who does. 

2. Take a picture of it! This way you can prove that the jewellery belongs to you and will make it easier to claim on the insurance. 

3. Carry on don't pack it! Pack your jewellery in your carry-on. Never put high-value items in your checked bag – luggage can get lost or stolen.

Packing it

Jewellery can be a real pain to travel with - necklaces get tangled, bracelets broken and rings and earrings are easily lost! 

An easy way to avoid that is to only wear what you will wear on your trip. That means you can travel to your destination with your jewellery on and avoid any mishaps. For long-term travel or if you want to bring multiple items then you will want to think about storage. There are a number of ways to store your items:

1. Use vitamin/pill containers for smaller pieces (i.e. Studs, bracelets...) this technique also provides for easy viewing of your options! 

2. Drinking straws are great to have on hand when packing and travelling. By slipping one end of a necklace through the straw and closing the clasp, you can keep your necklaces tangle-free. To avoid using plastic straws you can also use paper ones or your reusable metal ones giving them a double use! 

3. Keep all your necklaces together by organising them in a toothbrush holder or glasses case. 

4. Use small bags or sandwich bags to store your earrings and necklaces to stop them from tangling. (Tip: I use the small sample pots from Lush to store my earrings)


5. Alternatively grab yourself a business card or postcard and poke your earrings through them. 

6.  Empty mint tins or pill boxes make ideal containers for jewellery. Plus you can grab yourself a colourful or creative design. 

7. Buy a jewellery box. There are plenty of jewellery boxes and holders that are cheap and effective for travel. This is now my go to way of travelling with jewellery and I use the Vlando travel jewellery box. Grab yourself one of these amazing travel boxes here or click the link below this post. 


Cleaning it 

There are two very easy ways that I clean my jewellery whilst travelling and it is incredibly easy to wipe away the sun tan lotion, ocean or sand from your jewellery:

1. For stubborn messes or stains grab yourself some toothpaste and a bristled brush. Gently scrub the offending item. 

2. Pack a soft cloth, like the ones used to clean eye glasses, for an easy way to clean jewellery before you wear it.

Have you found any more travel hacks for Jewellery? Let me know!