Self-Care at the Polynesian Spa

I'm what some would call an 'active person.' I always like to be doing something! It can often feel like my brain won't switch off. This can be great sometimes when you need to get something done but when you're like that all the time, it can easily lead to burn out and stress. It's important to find balance in life and find a great self-care routine to look after yourself. So once the stress of life started to pile up, it seemed the perfect time for a weekend away in Rotorua. 


Rotorua is said to be a place where all you can do is eat, sleep, and spa. Located in the North Island just three hours drive from Auckland, the region is highly geothermic so you can enjoy the benefits of boiling thermal mud and relax in the therapeutic hot pools. Although we were warned that the Polynesian Spa was expensive and that there are plenty of free hot pools to soak in, we decided to go anyway and treat ourselves - and I regret nothing! I can see why it is voted in the top 10. 


Polynesian Spa’s geothermal mineral waters are sourced from two natural springs and feed into 28 hot mineral pools. The slightly acidic Priest Spring waters relieve aches and pains while the alkaline waters of the Rachel Spring nourish skin. There are four options when visiting the Polynesian Spa. Firstly, for $10 you can bathe in the Family Pool which is the cheapest and most communal pool. Secondly, you can pay $30 for the Adult & Priest Spring pool which is adult only. Thirdly, you can pay $50 for the Deluxe Lake Spa or lastly, you can pay between $20-100 for your own private bathing experience.   

We decided to go all out and indulge ourselves with a massage which gave us access to the Deluxe Lake Spa where we spent a blissful couple of hours. The massage we got was a scrub and full body whilst lying under warm water that jets onto your body. It was the best massage I have ever had and I can't recommend it enough! The pools themselves are split into five with four shallow Rachel Spring alkaline mineral hot pools and one Priest Spring acidic mineral hot pool and they range between 36 - 42 °C.



1000 Hinemoa Street, Rotorua, New Zealand