Monkeying Around In The Atlas Mountains

The High Atlas, North Africa’s greatest mountain range, contains some of the most intriguing and beautiful regions of Morocco. A historical and physical barrier between the northern plains and the pre-Sahara, its Berber-populated valleys feel – and indeed are – very remote from the country’s mainstream or urban life.


High in the Atlas Mountains you can find the largest population of Barbary macaque populations or Monkeys of Morocco. After witnessing the cruelty of monkeys in Marrakesh it was a welcome relief to see the monkeys playing in the wild. The monkey's are becoming desensitised to humans and are quite used to tourists visiting. Some have even come to rely on tourists for food which is not a good thing. Scientists have found that when tourists get too close to the monkeys in Morocco, it makes them more aggressive and also stops them engaging in grooming an essential behaviour for making bonds and alliances. Worse still, when tourists try to interact or touch the wild monkeys, it makes them really stressed. So when you visit the monkey's make sure to respect their space and not to feed them anything you shouldn't. 

It was a wonderful experience to watch them in their natural habitat and after 2000 pictures we left to explore the rest of the beautiful mountains.