On The Road: Yellowstone National Park

One of the most beautiful places we visited on the trip and my favourite national park was Yellowstone National Park. Famous for being the world's first national park established back in 1872 and the home of super volcano Yellowstone Caldera. Created on a volcanic hot spot, the park is massive and is a perfect spot to spend a few days exploring.   


We only spent one day there but we still saw so much! There is lots of geothermal activity and natural wonder to behold - as well as a huge array of wildlife. The place that I found most amazing was the Grand Prismatic Spring, which gets its bright colours from pigmented thermophilic bacteria found in its hot waters. This famous hot spring is nearly 300 feet (91 m) around, and 160 feet (49 m) deep. It is located approximately 7 miles (11 km) north of Old Faithful. The colours of the spring were unreal and no picture can do it justice. The heat can be felt and the smell of sulphur is strong but it is worth it - trust me! 


You can't go to Yellowstone and not visit Old Faithful. Named Old Faithful due to the fact that its eruptions are highly predictable (it erupts every 45 – 125 minutes), the geyser is easily accessible from the West Entrance to the park. It is located just west of Yellowstone Lake, and visitors can stand around the perimeter for the perfect view of that Old Faithful eruption. Geysers are always fascinating to watch and Old Faithful is no different! 


Formed by thousand years of erosion rocks, water, and other natural energy, Grand canyon of Yellowstone is the main scenic attractions in Canyon Village. The Canyon is the largest canyon in the southern river of Yellowstone waterfall and there are many regional observer points like Lookout Point, Red Rock Point and many other points along the South Rim Trail, from there, you can admire the canyon and waterfalls from many different angles. (Artist Point ideal for people who want to see clearly the Lower Falls).


There are plenty of beautiful hikes to take in Yellowstone park and lots of opportunities to spot wildlife. Head to Hayden Valley, located just north of Yellowstone Lake, the area is a favourite spot to find elk, coyotes, bison, and bears (okay, that last one might be much better viewed from a very sensible distance). There are also two well-known hiking trails in the area – the Hayden Valley Trail and the Mary Mountain Trail. Mount Washburn is a fantastic place for hiking as well as seeing incredible views of the park. Its summit is at an elevation of 10,000 feet (3,050 m), meaning that the Teton Mountains are visible on clear days! Lamar Valley is a gorgeous place to take a hike with lush greenery.