On the Road: An epic road trip

After reading and falling in love with Jack Kerouac's 'On the Road,' I always dreamed about taking a road trip around America. I wanted to experience the thrills of the east, the sprawling landscapes of the west, the small town charms of the north and the famous hospitality of the south. I wanted to see it all - from towering mountains to white sand beaches, the top of skyscrapers to the bottom of canyons!


There were a couple of drawbacks to this plan however! Firstly, I can't drive. I spent all my time and money travelling so still haven't quite got to that stage in my life yet. Secondly, I am terrible at planning! I'm the type of person who makes sure I have a place to sleep and knows the general direction of travel and then I just go. The idea of coordinating several modes of transport, hostels, hotels and tickets filled me with dread. So when the opportunity to go on a TrekAmerica trip came along...well how could I resist? 


The trip I took was the Grand BLT which lasted for 42 days and travelled from one coast to the other - and back again. This meant that I got to see most of the USA and was definitely a diverse trip. The trip was expensive but was cheaper and more activity filled than if I had planned this myself. Highlights of the trip included sightseeing in most major cities, Las Vegas party bus tour, sun studio in Memphis, visits and stays to National Parks, travel along route 66 and entrance to musuems. 


The memories from this trip were incredible and I got to travel with like-minded people my age. This was definitely one of the best trips I have taken in my life and I highly recommend it. You can find this trip and others like it on the TrekAmerica website here.  

I will be writing more about my time in the USA so make sure to follow the On the Road series of blogs! :)