On the Road: Biking Through Gotham (Chicago)

For those of you who are batman fans or at least fans of the Christopher Nolan batman films you may or may not know that the majority of the films are filmed in….Chicago! When I visited there in June we were booked in to do a late afternoon bike tour of the city with Bobby’s bikes but the weather wasn't great it was cold and misty but as soon as we were shown the first part where the films were filmed it was great! It was like biking through Gotham city.

Bobby’s Bike is located on 540 N. Lake Shore Drive and provide biking and walking tours or you can rent a bike from them and explore by yourself. Our tour took us through the Gold coast mansions, past Oprah’s house, the playboy mansion, the Old town historic district, North Avenue beach and to the Chicago lake front. It was a great tour despite the coldness of the evening and I would recommend using them if you want to take a tour round the city


Millennium park is a really nice park that you can explore. It often has live music, fairs, food and drink festivals and lunch time concerts. The highlights for me was the bean which is a giant metal bean that I found you could use to take some interesting pictures, the water feature which is a giant tv screen with a moving face and the concert hall.


I just had to write a quick bit about the Willis Tower because it has some fun facts and a very interesting thing that you can do at the top of it…
The Willis tower is a 108 story skyscraper building which is mainly used for offices. It is 442m high and is the second tallest building in America but it could once boast being the tallest building in America and the tallest free standing structure in the world. At the top of the tower is an observation deck where you can get a wonderful view of the Chicago skyline. They have also built a glass box that you can stand in for a better view and a dizzying view of the ground below you.