Thing's You'll Learn During Your First Northern Winter

My first experience of Canada was in winter - and it happened to be one of the worst they had experience in a long time. Coming from England where the idea of snow is laughable, I learnt a lot of new things. Here are a few things you will learn:

You Can Never Have Enough Layers! 

One coat will definitely not be enough for a Northern Winter but it is worth investing in a quality coat because it will be a lifesaver in the snow. The coat should be waterproof/windproof and thermal if possible. However you will also need layers! thermals, long sleeved tops, jumpers, fleeces, coats, good socks – the works!

No Amount Of Layers Will Be Enough

A jumper (even twelve) will not be enough because once the cold gets in past your layers then there’s not much you can do except go inside and warm up! In the Northern Winter you have to think about your body and what it needs to survive, but on the bright side that means lots of fires, hot chocolates and food! 


Your Clothes Will Fall Apart

You find out pretty quickly which brands of clothing are built to last and which ones are built for fashion. Be prepared to replace a lot of clothing and it’s worth buying the important stuff like shoes and coat once you are there.

The Snow Won’t Listen To The Seasons

Winter doesn’t have a start and a stop date. Just because it’s March or April doesn’t guarantee an end to the winter. My friends tell me it’s still snowing there in June. Try to wait it out and don’t look at pictures of beaches or sun.

You Will Get Pale

It’ll be the palest you’ve ever been in your life. You’ll be made fun of by your friends and family back home. Prepared to be as white as a ghost — perhaps even sometimes scaring yourself in the mirror!


Hand-Warmers Will Be Your Best Friend

Stick them in your gloves. Stick them in your socks. Stick them everywhere you can.

Snow Will Make You A Child Again

If your lucky then you will learn all the fun things you can do in the snow like snow slides, snow fights, building snow people, making caves and all the other winter culture that the North has.

It Will Be The Best Time Of Your Life!