Ottawa's Parliament Hill

Parliament Hill, known to locals at The Hill, is an area of Crown land on the southern banks of the Ottawa River located at 111 Wellington Street in down town. Ottawa is Canada’s capital which means that the city houses some impressive architecture and government buildings. Parliament hill was definitely an impressive sight.
Parliament Hill’s main building is the Centre Block which houses the commons and senate chambers as well as the offices of many high ranking government officials. Built in the Gothic Revival style, the Centre Block is one of Canada’s most recognizable works of architecture. You can find it printed on dollar bills. The East Block (pictured here) is home to parliamentary offices, and is one of only two Parliament structures which have survived from the original construction.Across from the East Block is the West Block, with similar functions.  The West Block is slated as the temporary home to the House of Commons during a renovation to the Centre Block in 2019.


On the rear of the Centre Block is the Library of Parliament, the only surviving remnant from the original Centre Block built in 1876. This was by far my favourite place in all of Canada! As a book lover I wanted to stay in here forever.