Travel Guide: Québec city

Québec city is a beautiful and charming city. It reminded me strongly of Europe with it’s old buildings, cobblestones streets and French language. The city is one of North America’s oldest settlements and it’s Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage site. In Winter the Christmas spirit seems to live on with fairy lights covering everything, the snow and even the decorations left on the street. I went the first time for the Québec  Carnival but when I visited the second time there was still plenty to do!


Old Town

Every trip to Quebec City should begin with a walk around the Old Town as it was my favourite part of the city. It’s a sprawling network of narrow cobblestone streets laden architecture up to four centuries old at the base of the city. I would recommend wearing comfortable clothes and shoes as although the city is walled in, there is alot of it to walk. The city is very uneven and there are a few small hills trek up. In upper town you can find the Hôtel du Parlement, La Citadelle which sees a changing of the guard ceremony most mornings, and the Plains of Abraham Battlefield Park. In the lower town you can find the Notre Dame des Victoires church, the Musée de la civilisation, and Petit Champlain, the oldest commercial district in North America and foot of the aptly named Breakneck Stairs.


Musée de la place Royale

The Musée de la place Royale is an interesting museum that shows the history of New France and the Royale. It is located in a charming courtyard in lower town. Admission cost $7 for adults, $6 for seniors, $5 for students and 11years and under go free. It’s also good to know that admission is free from 10 till 12 on Saturdays if you visit in January or February. There is also a free cloakroom for all those pesky winter layers


Château Frontenac

The Château Frontenac was built by the Canadian Pacific Railway in 1893 as a luxury hotel to attract wealthy travelers and now stands as a landmark institution. The most photographed hotel in the world, the Frontenac can be seen from nearly every vantage point in Old Quebec and it truly is a sight to see


Musee de la civilisation

The musee de la civilisation, located right off the Place Royale, is an outstanding museum and I would recommend taking your time when you visit as there is a lot to see. There is also a free cloakroom at this museum which I advise using. Admission for adults is $10, seniors is $9, students is $8 and 11years and under go free. It is also free for all on Tuesdays between November 1 and March 31 and from 10 a.m. to noon every Saturday in January and February