Québec Carnival 2015

Québec winter carnival is said to the biggest in the world, and it is a true celebration of winter and all it has to offer. Every year, there are new features and attractions added to the three weekend long program. The 2014 Quebec Winter Carnival runs January 31 to February 16 – visit the website for details.
Bonhomme Carnaval, or Bonhomme for short, was created in 1954 and has become synonymous with the event. The seven-foot-tall, 400-pound jolly snowman, with his signature red toque and arrowhead sash, isn’t a mascot – he’s an ambassador. You can find his image and the snowman himself nearly everywhere!


All around the city are some really impressive ice sculptures. My favourite was the iron throne from the game of thrones! There is also an ice palace that you can walk around in.


The parade was one of the best I have seen so far and despite the cold it was a really enjoyable experience. Lots of dancing, singing, rapping and impressive costumes.


Bonhomme’s home for the winter. A giant palace made of ice with lots of fun surprises inside.


As well as all this you can find 100's more activities scattered across the city. At the Mr. Christie Village you can find sleigh rides, dogsled rides, animation, shows, giant slides, food stalls, ice fishing, saunas and so much more! This was seriously one of the best carnivals I have been to and I will definitely be visiting it again!