Montréal Biodome

The bio dome in Montréal was a wonderful place to spend a few hours.  The building was originally constructed for the 1976 Olympic games  as a velodome but was turned into the bio dome shortly afterwards where it now houses thousands of animal and plant species. There are four ecosystems to walk through so I would recommend wearing layers for the varied temperatures.

You can find the bio dome at 4777 Avenue Pierre-de Coubertin, Montréal, QC H1V 1B3and it is wildly popular, so try to visit during the week, avoiding the middle of the day if possible. Plan two hours to do it justice. You can bring a packed lunch for the picnic tables or dine in the cafeteria. In summer there are educational day camps for kids


Tropical Forest (South American Rainforest) 


Laurentian Forest (North American Wilderness) 


The appearance of the Laurentian Forest varies widely with the seasons, with special habitats for lynx, otters and around 350 bats

 Saint Lawrence Marine Eco-system (Gulf of Saint Lawrence)


Here you can find an underwater observatory where you can watch cod feeding alongside lobsters and sea urchins in the tidal pools.

Arctic Cold (Arctic and Antarctica) 


Here you can find frolicking penguins in the icy climate.


The Montréal bio dome was the most diverse and large bio dome that I have visited so far. It was both interesting and educational!