Nikki Marrone

Hi! I'm Nikki. I'm a Travel and Lifestyle blogger as well as a photographer and a poet. I'm originally from Cambridge in the UK and for the past few years I have been dedicating my time to travelling the world and creating content. The aim is to travel full time creating videos, taking photos and searching for magic that is so easily found all over our beautiful planet. Join me on my adventures!

The first thing I ever saved for was a camera. It was a bulky Canon Power body film camera and each shot needed careful consideration and developing. You could even add stamps to the picture before developing them! The second thing I saved for was a plane ticket.

I have always told stories through writing, poetry and photography but travelling sparked something inside of me and I've never looked back. I took my little notebook and my camera and I took photos of everything; the trees, the ocean, the cities and the people that I encountered on my journey. 

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