Hey there! I'm Nikki Marrone, a writer, poet and photographer originally from Cambridge, UK. For the past few years I have been travelling the world with the intention of experiencing and learning new things. I have enjoyed the beauty and the magic that is so easily found all over our planet.

When I am not travelling, I am a published writer and performance poet. I have always told stories through writing, poetry and photography but travelling sparked something inside of me and I've never looked back. I took my little notebook and my camera and I took photos of everything; the trees, the ocean, the cities and the people that I encountered on my journey. This is how Odefortheroad was born 5 years ago and the website has continued to grow and change along with me.

Now I find myself in my mid-twenties and I realised I have much more to learn and share. Don’t worry, there will still be plenty of travel but now on this blog you can follow or join me along my journey as I trade my nomadic life for something more settled, as I navigate single motherhood and learn to live more consciously. The secret to adulthood is that we are all winging it so why not help each other along the way.